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Lost Episode 11 - Cabin Fever

I finally remembered to watch LOST this week, and what a good week to tune in on! Thoughts and impressions from the very start, plus the top 5 questions from this weeks episode.

- Locke's biological mom getting hit by a car to start the episode. I wish I could have just had a bump on my head instead of getting messed up like I did. Interesting side note: Notice that Locke's father was never mentioned by name, only "him." Perhaps a player to be named later?

- Birth of John Locke, and a very direct reference to Luke 1:63

63 And he asked for a writing table, and wrote, saying, His name is John. And they marvelled all.

I know there's been a lot of talk about the influence of Hinduism and the Dalai Lama in this season of LOST, but I wonder if there's some very-much Christian influence. John, as in, the one to pave the way for The One? Makes you wonder if theres some pieces that can be matched there.

- I am starting to love the interaction between Locke, Ben, and Hurley. Locke as the confused leader, Ben as the defeated consigliere, and Hurley as the comic relief.

- Keamy is freaky. And when I say freaky, I mean totally awesome. Cold, calculated, and heartless, he's a perfect fit for the Whitmore team.

- Horrace - I don't know what to think of that scene. Especially the bloody nose. But the interaction was obviously meaningful. Almost like a computer program. It reminded me of the scientist in the movie I, Robot, with Will Smith. He could only ask certian questions, and the scientist could only answer in a certian way. It was only until he asked the RIGHT questions was he able to get his answers.

- First spottage of Richard. Score: Richard 1, Abaddon 0

- Second spottage of Richard - the items at the house. Richard 2, Abaddon 0. This was confusing until I read more about this series of events, especially with relation to the Dalai Lama. There were a lot of references to a 1997 movie call Kundun by Martin Scorsese.
Except for brief sequences in China proper and India, the film is set in Tibet. It begins with the search for the 14th reincarnation of the Dalai Lama. Following a vision by Reting Rinpoche (the regent of Tibet) several lamas disguised as servants discover the location of a promising candidate: a child born to a poor herding family near the Chinese border.

These and other lamas administer a test to the child in which he must select from various objects the ones that belonged to the previous Dalai Lama. The child passes the test; he and his family are brought to Lhasa, where he will be installed as Dalai Lama when he comes of age.

Interesting, is it not? Notice this interaction between Richard and Locke.

Richard: "I want you to look at these things...and think about 'em. Okay, now tell me, John, which of these things belong to you?"
John: "To--to keep?"
Richard: "No, no, John. Which of these things belong to you already?"

Do you see some correlation? Because I do!

- Apparently, Ben wasn't always the Leader of the Others. Richard? Horrace?

- Keamy grabs the secondary protocol, and apparently is going to torch the island. Keamy says that Ben knows about the secondary protocol, and "there's only one place he can go." Wasn't Danielle, Alex, and Karl heading off to the temple? Is that the one place?

- Another interesting interaction between the three Amigos. Locke tells Hurley he can go back to the beach, but Hugo wants to stick around. Then Ben says something that really caught my ear.

BEN: He actually thinks staying was his idea. Not bad, John. Not bad at all.
LOCKE: I'm not you.
BEN: You're certainly not.


- Richard trying to get young-Locke (who definitely gets the sympathy vote for getting shoved in a locker and beat up) to go to a science camp. Richard 3, Abaddon 0. And then Locke says his ever-famous line, "Don't tell me what I can't do!" I find that this is a theme of Locke's life - doing things that people tell him he can't do. Yet what is his purpose on the Island?

- I like Lapidus. A lot. I think he's different, and has some sympathy for the survivors. Almost as if he went to the Island with a different motivation than Farraday or Collette or Miles. And his empathy to Michael will be interesting to see how it plays out.

- Desmond sticks around on the boat because he's been on the island for 3 years, and is waiting for his Penny. I can handle the Desmond/Penny love story. Jack and Kate are starting to get on my nerves though.

- Best line of the night. HURLEY: Guys, cabin.

- "Those things had to happen. Because destiny, John, is a fickle bitch" Are we starting to see Ben lose his faith? Jealousy because John is visiting with Jacob more than him? Are we going to see a power struggle between the two (which kind of already happened in Season 3)? Calculating Ben and confused John = great TV

- First appearance of Abaddon. I love this guy. I also can't help but feel for John whenever I see him in a wheelchair. It's interesting how much they can have the wheelchair portray such an enemy and torture device for John. And I totally thought that Abaddon was going to push Locke down the stairs as well. Even Locke had that look in his eyes.

- The "walkabout." Apparently its a "journey of self-discovery." You walk in the Australian outback nothing but a knife and your wits. Abaddon's last line was interesting:

ABADDON: When you're ready, Mr. Locke... (presses button) you'll listen to what I'm saying. And then when you and me run into each other again... you'll owe me one.

When Locke is ready? It's put out as an ultimatum. Also, not "if you and me run into each other," but "when you and me run into each other." So if Abaddon's got some insight to the future, it's another definite. "You'll owe me one..." eerie...

- The last scene with Omar getting the morse code message that the Doc washed up on shore with his throat slit. So it sounds like we're looking at this episode running concurrently with last week. Yet if that dude WAS the could he be in both places? TIME TRAVEL?

- Finally, the SAT phone drop. At first I thought "Lapidus wants them to know where Keamy's team is." Jack, impulsively, states that they must follow them. Now I'm not 100% sure, but I wonder if Jack's impulses have done the Losties good or bad. As I think about it more, with Jack knowing where Keamy's team is, plus knowing the terrain of the island better, could work out for the best.

I'd give it a 9.0/10. One of the best for the season so far. There was much more mental stuff than action, and I think once the DVDs come out, a lot of questions will be answered.


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