Friday, May 2, 2008

My Top 5 Favorite Youtube Videos

Like everyone else, I love Youtube videos. Ashley and I have literally spent hours going from video to video (Wikipedia is just as bad). Here are my "Top 5" favorite Youtube videos.

*NOTE* This isn't my favorite Youtube music videos - this is just the random and funny videos I've found. The favorite Youtube videos will be later.

Number 5 - Conrad playing Guitar Hero

My brother introduced me to Guitar Hero on Thanksgiving break of 2007. We were bored, and he gave it to us as a boredom buster. Needless to say, Ash and I both got hooked, and out entire Thanksgiving was spent playing guitar hero for 4, 5, 6 hours per day. I found this video, and he has become my personal hero. Like or dislike the song, don't hate the player.

Number 4 - Rusty the Narcoleptic Dog
This was found quite randomly. Ash and I have always grown up with dogs. We go through phases where I want a dog and she is the rational one, and then there are times when she wants a dog and I am the rational one. Puppy videos became almost a nightly regime for us, and we actually stumbled upon this video a few nights ago. Enter Rusty, the narcoleptic dog.

Here is the same video, with added effects, to added hilarity.

Number 3 - Thank You U.S. Army
Perhaps I was on my mission in Korea, but I was just shown this on Wednesday. Put out by Anheiser Busch, I was actually quite surprised that my BYU-Idaho teacher showed this Youtube video. I found it to be quite emotional, and wish it would happen more in our airports.

Number 2 - Girl running on Treadmill
I think that high school girls, when in multiples of 2 or more, lose intelligence. A girl tries to get on a treadmill while it's already working. Wipe out ensues. Enjoy.

Number 1 - Kick his Ask
Probably the funniest little girl on the internet, she's been on the Ellen show and many others, and suprisingly she's very articulate. Safe for work, unless you're drinking a soda and spit it on the keyboard and monitor from laughing.

These are my top 5 funniest, at least for now. With as many people putting stuff on Youtube, this will probably change within the week.

Honorable Mention

Charlie Bit Me

Star Wars According to a 3-year old

Dramatic Prairey Dog

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Anonymous said...

Haha, thanks for this blog! My friends and I spent a long time laughing :)