Tuesday, April 1, 2008

About Me

Well, seeing as the semester is almost over (and I've been procrastinating about starting this up), I figure I should let people know who I am and why I'm doing this.

My name is Brandt. I am 24 years old, originally from a suburb 1 hr north of Detroit, Michigan.

I went on a mission to Korea, and currently attend BYU-Idaho with my lovely wife. We both have 3 semesters left, and anticipate graduating at the end of winter semester, 2009.

Religiously, I consider myself in the middle. I like to tell people that I am LDS, not Mormon. I have strong issues with the Mormon culture, and have learned through many experiences that those concerns, if not voiced at certain times, with certain people, in certain places, can get me into trouble.

For example - The university recently changed their insurance policy requiring all students (married or single) to have insurance. If married, one can have insurance either through an employer or through the university. Obviously there was some backlash, yet the Mormon culture way out here was to write an letter to the editor comparing those who had differing opinions than the university to pray to know that the Prophet and Apostles received this insurance policy by revelation, and to pray so that God would soften their heart.

I hope and pray that we as married students will remember and hearken to the words of prophets and apostles both past and present in receiving personal revelation concerning the subject of married student insurance. I hope that we will act on our personal revelation but remember we cannot force our personal revelation on others.

No joke. See here, first post.

Expect to see lots of posts about the culture here in Rexburg, Idaho, the culture at BYU-Idaho, and how it grates on me.

I also have this strange fascination with anything sports and all movies - so be prepped for that.

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