Monday, April 7, 2008

Finals update

It's finals week here at school, which means that I won't be able to post really until I get these big projects and finals taken care of (most likely Wednesday night). Here's a list of finals that are coming up:

Marketing - We took this final about a week and a half ago in class. We were given a case, and then told to give a 1-page write up in an hour in a half as to what we would to do increase this company's market share. 92%

Operations and Supply Chain Management - I actually just got done taking this exam. He gave us a study guide in an Excel format (which most of the exam was based off of), and the greatest part was a little tab at the end of his spreadsheet that read "Ignore this tab." Right. I'm going to ignore a tab that a teacher tells me to ignore. This tab was linked to all the others basing the input off the CORRECT ANSWERS and gave a score.

I'm not that gullible though. I made sure that everything was correct, input the answers, took the 15 muliple choice questions, and just finished the exam about 5 minutes ago. 92%, which I really needed.

Finance - As per his instructions, we were told to hold off on this exam (which he has posted online, for us to take at any time) until after today. He's been a great teacher, teaching us the theory behind the financial equations, then showing the easier (and more modern) method of using Excel. I don't think that it will be much of a problem, especially because he allows us to use any information we have ("In the business world, you use what you need to get the job done"). Exam is Wednesday before midnight.

Organizational Behavior - When you tell your students that this will be a self-graded exam, you know that I'm going to do well. If I was a total jerk, I might give myself a lower grade (if I were being honest with myself), but this semester I've been put through hell and back. You're dang right I'm going to get a good grade! Exam is Thursday Morning

Advertising - Probably the one defining class in my collegiate career so far. The teacher has been spectacular. The class has been challenging, demanding, yet rewarding. I have loved every minute of it, even with it being a 5:00-6:30pm class. When you teacher not only has about 20 years in the industry, but was the Rexburg Temple Public Relations manager and works for the University as the University Communications Manager, you know it's going to either going to be a great class or a crappy one. Luckily, it was the former. The final involves a client that he has selected, and we put together an ad campaign for them. Wednesday night we all pitch the campaign to get the account of the client. If we get the account, even if we didn't follow directions on the final, we get an "A" for the final. Everybody on the team gets an A. In his words, "That's the way the real world works - you get the account." Presentation is Wednesday Night, 5:00 PM

Here's a taste of the posts I'm cooking up for after this semester:
- Why I should go to devotionals, but don't
- The Fallacy of the LDS Marriage Tale, or
Why I can't stand 97% of the Married Students at BYU-Idaho
- The 2008 Summer Movie Preview
- BYU-Idaho Elitism or the BYU-Idaho Inferiority Complex
- General Conference Thoughts and Impressions
- And many many more! INCLUDING the return of a possible podcast? Yes you heard right! As of right now it looks like I'll be running a one-man show, but that could change.

So stick around - this blog could be worth something yet!

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