Monday, April 7, 2008

Christopher Walken and the Return of SNL

I grew up with Saturday Night Live. When I was in middle school, it was common practice for everyone to get on the bus on Monday morning and give our own personal recap of our funniest skits for the weekend. Even in high school, this continued on until I was a senior.

I'm talking people like -
Will Ferrell
Norm McDonald
Molly Shannon
Tim Meadows
Jim Breuer
Chris Kattan
Tracy Morgan
Jimmy Fallon
Chris Parnell

This was my group. Yet after Ferrel left, I really had no point to continue watching. These new guys (including Kenan Thompson and Horatio Sanz) really weren't that funny. I tried. I WANTED to enjoy it. I just couldn't see the humor.

And then it happened.

I was cruising a website for movie and TV rumors, and read an article on there talking about the "return" of SNL. I was skeptical. These were guys I had no clue about. Andy Samberg? Bill Hader? Tina Fey? How can these people possibly be funny?

And then I watched.
And watched.
and laughed.
and watched some more.
and laughed some more.

I think THIS is one of the reasons why I've begun to watch SNL again.

And then last night, Ashley and I were channel surfing, and found SNL. And Christopher Freaking Walken was hosting. Christopher Walken, the man who made cowbells famous. Christopher Walken, the man who made obviously reading off cue cards hilarious.

Welcome back SNL. I've missed you

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